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Tips to Make Your New Flip Flops Comfortable

Tips to Make Your New Flip Flops Comfortable

by: Natalie Tull

flip flops comfortable


Frustrated because your new flip flops are being a pain?  Breaking in a new pair of flip flops can be uncomfortable and lead to blisters and raw spots on your feet.  The straps can irritate the tops of your feet or feel too tight and the toe post can rub you the wrong way.  And, there are times when it seems your flip flops can never be completely broken in.  But, don’t throw them away just yet!  There are things you can do at home to help ease the pain of a new pair of flip flops.  Keep reading and learn how to make your new flip flops comfortable in no time!



How to Break in Leather Flip Flops

Leather flip flops are stylish, comfortable, durable and breathable.  (They are especially good for people who struggle with sweaty feet.)  However, leather flip flops are also known for being a little difficult to break in and people often think they have ordered a size too small.   If you find that your new leather flip flops are a little tight, there are several ways to stretch out them out.  Keep in mind that you will have to do most of these things several times before you see your desired results, but it will be worth the effort.

flip flops comfortable


  •  Wear them wet.  Getting your leather flip flops wet and then putting them on your feet while they dry can help soften and stretch out the material.  You can wear your flip flops in the shower, spray them down with a water bottle or step into a bucket.
  • Use steam.  Keep your new flip flops in the bathroom while you shower, then dry your feet completely on put on your flip flops.  The steam will soften them and allow your feet to stretch them out.
  • Stuff them full of something.  You can stuff items like a tennis ball, wadded newspaper or an empty water bottle under the straps to stretch them out.  I would recommend leaving it at least overnight.
  • Use a hair dryer.  Put on a pair or two of thick socks and then put on your flip flops. Blast them with hot air from the hair dryer for about 2 minutes.  You can move your foot up and down to help stretch the material as it is heating.  Let them cool while still on your feet. (Note: Avoid using heat on flip flops that have glued embellishments on them.)
  • Use a leather stretching liquid. Put a stretching liquid on your flip flops right before wearing them and they will stretch and contour with your foot as the solution dries.   I would recommend a spray like Foot Matters or a thicker formula such as Premier Shoe Stretch .  Both are safe for skin contact.


How to Make Your Flip Flop Straps Comfortable

If you find that your flip flop straps are rubbing the tops or sides of your feet, make sure that you didn’t buy a pair that is too big.  If your flip flops seem to fit fine, but you are still experience blisters or raw spots from friction caused by your straps moving around, then there are a few things you can do to make them more comfortable.

flip flops comfortable


  • Apply deodorant.  Put deodorant on the top of your foot or on your flip flop straps to reduce friction.
  • Use wax or dish soap.  For leather straps, apply some drops of candlewax, beeswax or dish soap to soften and smooth leather straps and build a barrier between the leather and your feet.
  • Foot Petals.  You can purchase Foot Petals Strappy Strips and apply them to the underside of your straps.  They are made of high performance foam and self adhere to your flip flops. They are available in black or white.  (Foot Petals also has products to protect against painful toe posts and pain in the ball of your foot.)

Bonus tip: If your toe post is uncomfortable, you can wrap moleskin around the toe post to form a protective barrier.


Do you have any helpful tips to make new flip flops comfortable?  Let me know in the comments!


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