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Best Flip Flops for Sweaty Feet

Best Flip Flops for Sweaty Feet

by: Natalie Tull


sweaty feet

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Sweaty feet.  No one wants them or wants to talk abut them.  They can be itchy, smelly and cause problems like athlete’s foot, plantar warts and toenail fungus.  And when you are wearing flip flops, you run the risk of injury if your feet are slipping around on the footbed.  So, what’s a sweaty flip flop lover to do?

Don’t sweat it! (I’m sorry)  I’ve got some easy ways to help you prevent and treat your sweaty feet.  I’ve also got some recommendations for the best flip flops to wear when you are suffering from slippery soles.  But for starters, what causes sweaty feet?

What Causes Sweaty Feet?

Sweating is nature’s way of keeping our bodies’ from overheating.  However, some people sweat a lot more than other people because their body expels sweat even when there is no risk of overheating.  This condition is called hyperhidrosis.  Those who suffer from hyperhidrosis will often sweat in a specific area or two, while the rest of their body remains dry.  These areas often include the palms, underarms, head and feet.  The causes of hyperhidrosis are not entirely clear, but it is thought to be the due to problems with of the sympathetic nervous system. Genetics may also play a role in hyperhidrosis and existing conditions such as anxiety, pregnancy, over active thyroid and Parkinson’s disease can also trigger hyperhidrosis.

Beyond a medical condition, there are other possibilities as to why your feet are sweaty.  Sometimes the types of shoes, flip flops and socks you wear can cause sweat and odor.  A lack of foot hygiene can also cause problems.  Overactive sweat glands can also be triggered by stress from a structural problem or if your foot is tired from standing all day.  And of course, hot weather and humidity can also cause sweaty feet.  Lucky for you, a few easy changes can keep your feet sweat free and smelling fine!

How to Prevent and Treat Sweaty Feet and Foot Odor

  • Put an antiperspirant on your feet. Either spray or stick will work well.
  • Avoid wearing rubber shoes. Rubber traps heat and moisture, causing you to sweat more.  It is also a great breeding ground for bacteria.  Wear shoes made of canvas, leather or suede because they are more porous and will allow for breathability.
  • Rotate your shoes.  Don’t wear the same shoes every day so that they have time to dry out and run a lower risk of bacterial growth.  (This is especially true for gym shoes.)
  • Wash your shoes and flip flops.  For tips on how to wash your flip flops, check out this article.
  • Use a foot powder or spray.  This will absorb moisture and help with odor.
  • Wash your feet daily.  Use and antibacterial soap and make sure to dry your feet well.
  • Soak your feet. Mix 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and a quart of water.  Soaked your feet for 15 minutes to help kill bacteria and odor.
  • Wear cotton socks.  Socks made of cotton and other natural fibers are breathable and wick away sweat, while materials like nylon and polyester trap sweat.
  • Go barefoot.  Let your feet breathe!

If you are still unable to manage your excessive sweating, a dermatologist may be in order.  They can prescribe oral medicine or medicated foot powders or creams.  In some cases, botox can also be used with results lasting form 6-9 months.  In severe cases, surgery may be necessary.  (Referred to as sympathectomy.)

Flip Flops for Sweaty Feet

If you are suffering from sweaty feet, then look for flip flops made of leather.  Suede and leather’s permeability allows sweat to evaporate.  (Suede is a type of leather finish.) Rubber or plastic flip flops trap heat and moisture and will only exacerbate the problem.  When it comes to flip flops, leather and suede covered footbeds are more common than canvas ones. However, you can often find straps made of canvas.

Below are some suggestions of highly rated leather flip flops that are made by the leading brands of the flip flop world:


Reef Women’s Swing 2 Thong Sandal
sweaty feet

Price range: $45.00 – $52.00

Description: Leather straps and toe post.  Leather covered footbed with anatomical arch support.  High density rubber outsole for traction.

Why reviewers love them: The footbed is very soft and comfortable and reviewers love wearing them for long periods of time.  They are also durable, providing great value for the price.

How they fit: They run true to size, but can be narrow for someone with wide feet.

Buy Them Here

Rainbow Sandals Women’s Flirty Braidy Sandal

sweaty feet

Price range: $45.00 – $58.00

Description: Leather braided strap and toe post.  Leather footbed with slight arch support and rubber outsole. They are handmade and triple glued for extra longevity.

Why reviewers love them: Rainbow flip flops have a huge following because they are high quality, durable flip flops.   They take some time to break in, but once they mold to your feet, they are extremely comfortable.   These Braidys, in particular, are loved for the stylish, cute braided strap.

How they fit: They run somewhat small, so you may want to order a size up.  But, keep in mind that Rainbows also take a little time to break in, so they will stretch over time.  (Wear them in the shower and walk in them wet a few times to break them in.  Then they are yours forever.)

Buy Them Here

If you are looking for a little more arch support, check out Rainbow’s Women’s Double Layer flip flops.

Olukai Paniolo Sandal
sweaty feet

Price range: $65.00 – $90.00

Description: Full grain distressed leather footbed with synthetic leather lined straps and hand sown leather toe post.  Anatomical compression mold EVA midsole for arch support.

Why reviewers love them:  They provide great arch support and are really comfortable to wear during long periods of time.  Reviewers also love the style and color options.

How they fit: Most people found they fit true to size, however several reviewers commented that they are narrow fitting.

Buy Them Here

Clarks Women’s Flip Abby Thong Sandals

sweaty feet

Price range: $55.00

Description: Synthetic leather lined footbed with faux leather upper accented with buckle.

Why reviewers love them: Clarks flip flops are among the highest rated flip flops on Amazon.  These Abby flip flops are comfortable, supportive and durable.

How they fit: Several reviewers feel they run a size big and are a bit wide.  (Note: some reviewers also said some dye rubbed on their feet the first few wears, then it was no longer an issue.)

Buy Them Here


OluKai Men’s Kumu Sandal


sweaty feet

Price range: $35.00 – $70.00

Description: Compression molded EVA midsole with full grain leather footbed and straps.  Straps lined with soft microfiber with nylon toe post.  Non marking rubber outsole.

Why reviewers love them: The footbed comfortably molds to your foot and provides great arch support.  Reviewers say they are really comfortable and a great value because of their durability.

How they fit: Some people found these to run a size small.  After reading the reviews, it seems that if you have normal to wide feet, you should probably order your normal size.  If you have narrow feet, you should probably order a size down.

Buy Them Here

Rainbow Men’s Premier Double Layer Leather Sandals

sweaty feetPrice range: $45.00 – $65.00

Description: Footbed has double layer of midsole for extra arch support and is covered with classic finished leather.  The straps are also made of leather and attached to a non-slip rubber sole.

Why reviewers love them:  Rainbow flip flops are known for taking a little time to break in.  However, once they are broken in, reviewers love them.  Over time, they mold to your feet and provide a ton of comfort and support.  They are also really durable, making them a great value for the price.

How they fit: They run somewhat small, so you may want to order a size up. But, keep in mind that Rainbows also take a little time to break in, so they will stretch over time. (Wear them in the shower and walk in them wet a few times to break them in. Then they will quickly become your favorite pair of flip flops.)

Buy Them Here

If you are looking for a little less arch support, check out the Rainbow Men’s Single Layer Leather flip flops. 

Sanuk Men’s Fraid Not Flip Flops

sweaty feet

Price range: $25.00 – $55.00

Description: Molded EVA footbed covered with premium suede.  Straps and toe post are made of frayed canvas with soft, terry cloth liner.  Rubber outsole with traction.

Why reviewers love them: Reviewers find these Sanuks to be extremely soft and comfortable to wear.  There is a not much arch support, but they mold to your feet over time, providing a great fit.  Customers also love the stylish, worn in look.

How they fit: A few people found them to run a bit small, but overall, they fit as expected.

Buy Them Here

Teva Men’s Jetter Thong Sandal

Price range: $65.00

Description: Waterproof leather and suede covered cushioned EVA footbed with anti-odor lining.  Leather and suede straps and grippy, rubber outsole. 

Why reviewers love them: The Jetter is a great fitting, supportive flip flop that is comfortable and durable.  The waterproofed leather and suede keep these flip flops protected from the elements. They also have an anti-odor lining and a microban to curb bacterial growth.  

How they fit:  They fit as expected. 

Buy Them Here

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