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Finding a foot cream that you love can be a frustrating, time wasting, money wasting task.  You have probably tried all types of foot cream in an attempt to have smooth feet.   You have also probably found that most of them don’t work the miracles you were hoping for.  So, is there a foot cream out there that actually does as it promises?

Yes!  According to customer reviews, there are several types of foot cream that can help heal your dry, cracked feet.  I have combed through customer reviews and compiled a list of the best foot creams.  I hope you find one on the list that you fall in love with.




Foot Cream Favorites


o'keefe healthy feet foot creamO’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Cream 

Price: $6.99

Some reviewers had noticeable results within a few days of use, while others said it took several weeks.  No matter the time it took, most reviewers were really happy with how their feet look and felt after regularly using this product.  They also agreed it was odorless and absorbed well.  Several reviewers noted that it is more of a wax than a cream, so buyer beware if you prefer a lotion texture.  With all of the positive reviews and inexpensive price tag, O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Cream is definitely worth checking out.  (My friend Angel, and a ton of other reviewers, highly recommend using O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream if you are also looking for something to soothe dry, cracked hands.)


Features of O’Keeffe’s:

  • 3.2 oz. jar (also available in 12.8 oz. jar for $59.98)
  • Odorless Non-greasy and absorbs well
  • Hydrates skin: balances Ph balance to retain moisture
  • OK for diabetics

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nu skin sole solution foot creamNu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment

Price Range: $12.00 – $17.00

Almost every reviewer said that this product works wonders for dry, cracked skin.  Epoch claims their product has ingredients to break down rough dead skin to get moisture to the healthy skin underneath that normal lotions miss. Most reviewers saw results within a couple of weeks.  A lot of reviewers discovered this product at a salon while receiving a pedicure and fell in love with it.  Some people love the this product so much, they use it on other parts of their body such as their elbows, knees and legs.  Overall, reviewers had only great things to say about Nu Skin Sole Solution Foot Treatment and it comes highly recommended.


Features of Nu Skin:

  • 12 oz. bottle
  • No added fragrance: naturally fragranced with allspice berry Contains allspice berry, urea and papain (among other things.)
  • Crushed allspice berry believed to relieve cracked skin on feet; Urea exfoliates calluses and dead skin, moisturizes; Papain breaks down rough skin patches.
  • Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested

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burts bees coconut foot creamBurt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème

Price Range: $9.00 – $12.00

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme is made with 99.4% natural ingredients, including coconut oil, peppermint and rosemary.  It has an ointment texture, as opposed to a lotion one, but absorbs well with a little time.  Burt’s Bees recommends that you apply the ointment at night and then put on socks.  This allows time for your feet to absorb the creme, and also keep your bed free of ointment.   Reviewers agree that this is the best method, and many of them saw results within just a few nights of use.  They loved how soft their feet felt and how well the cracks healed.  They were also fans of the coconut aroma.  If you are already a Burt’s Bees fan, or just looking for one of their products to try, the Coconut Foot Creme is a great choice.



Features Burt’s Bees:

  • 4.34 oz. tube
  • Made with 99.4% natural materials
  • Contains coconut oil, peppermint and rosemary extracts. Coconut is known for being a good moisturizer because it removes dead skin cells and doesn’t contain water, which dehydrates as it evaporates; peppermint and rosemary are known for providing a refreshing feeling.
  • Thick, ointment consistency, perfect for overnight treatments

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neutrogena foot cream Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream

Price: $8.91

Neutrogena’s Norwegian style foot cream was created over 35 years ago in Norway to protect skin from cold, harsh winters.  It was clinically tested for five years and is dermatologist approved.  Reviewers describe the scent as “pleasant” and “clean”, though some felt it was a little strong.  However, most of them agreed that this foot cream was a wonderful moisturizer that made their feet feel soft and cured their cracked heels.  One thing that reviewers were divided on was how greasy this product is because it is a very thick lotion with a unique glycerin complex. (So, it depends on your threshold for “greasy”.)  Neutrogena has a lot of loyal customers and many of them love this product.

Features of Neutrogena:

  • 2 oz. tube (Pack of 4 available for $18.34)
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Concentrated, long lasting formula
  • Has a unique glycerin complex that immediately hydrates skin and slows the excessive drying by drawing moisture through the skin layers

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miracle foot repair foot cream

Miracle of Aloe Miracle Foot Repair Cream

Price: $12.75

This peppermint scented foot cream not only moisturizes, but also  helps relieve itching and odor.  Sixty percent of this product is made of potent ultra aloe, which helps speed up cell renewal.  Reviewers with severely callused or cracked heels said the Miracle Foot Repair Cream healed their feet within a few weeks. And, if customers aren’t satisfied, the company offers a money back guarantee.  Miracle of Aloe is a thick, non-greasy foot cream that will heal your cracked feet and leave them feeling soothed and soft.


Features of Miracle Foot:

  • 8 oz. tube
  • Relieves itching and odor
  • 60% ultra aloe (most potent whole leaf aloe gel) combined with other moisturizers to penetrate skin and speed cell renewal
  • Product guarantee
  • OK for diabetics

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blue goo foot cream Blue Goo Cracked Heel Foot Softener

Price: $8.00

Blue Goo is a yellowish salve that smoothes calluses and corns while healing cracked feet.  It contains emu oil, beeswax and a patent-pending lanolin formula that doesn’t smell all that great, but it does the job.  Some reviewers said that it stains socks, but almost all agreed that their feet had noticeable differences within a few uses.  It is also great to use as a cuticle softener and a skin soother.  Blue Goo Cracked Heel Foot Softener is one hard working foot cream that definitely delivers.


Features of Blue Goo:

  • 2 oz. jar
  • Contains emu oil, beeswax and a patent pending unique lanolin
  • Great for softening calluses and corns
  • Doubles as cuticle softner
  • OK for diabetics

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