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The Best Callus Remover for You

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Most of us flip flop lovers have feet that are so dry, rough and callused that we are tempted to take a sander to them.  We buy a new callus remover (such as a foot scraper, grater, file, rasp, pumice stone etc) in hopes that we can discover the soft feet we had so long ago.  But, we usually end up disappointed, our feet still rough and our wallet a little lighter.

I figure we could all use a little guidance when picking out our next callus remover to save us from such aggravation.  So, I combed through reviews until I found callus removers worth sharing with you. I hope you can find a callus remover, or combinations of removers, that has your feet feeling smooth and looking pretty.


Find the Best Callus Remover for You:


microplane callus removerMicroplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

Reviewers looooove this callus remover!  In fact, the only negative thing I read was that it may work TOO well, so don’t use it roughly.  Many people compare it to the “Ped Egg”, but they say it is faster and more effective.  (Though it does lack a compartment for all those nasty foot shavings.)  It’s also inexpensive and durable and works well with wet or dry feet.  This rasp gets the job done, making it the top reviewed callus remover on Amazon.

Price: &7.50




Features of Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp:

  • Surgical grade stainless steel filing surface
  • Soft grip handle
  • Large filing area (Colossal)
  • Works with wet or dry feet (though it is best when your feet are dry)
  • Ok for diabetics

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pedi rock callus remover Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File

Though the word “rock” is in the description, this is actually a foam sponge covered in emery material. (Hence the term “flexible” in the title)  This allows the pedi-rock to conform to your foot shape for easy and precise use.  It is also less abrasive than a scraper or pumice stone, great for someone with sensitive skin.  Reviewers said the pedi-rock is easy to grip and works great to smooth out calluses and rough skin.  They also found it to be durable and easy to clean with soap and water.

Price: $7.99

**You may also want to check out this Tatania Pumice Sponge Blocks.  They are similar to the pedi-rock, but are more rigid and abrasive.  They get great reviews for removing layers of dead skin on feet and hands.

Features of Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File

  • Sponge covered in a silicon carbide crystal surface (emery board-like material)
  • Flexible construction for easy grip and precision
  • Works with wet or dry feet (may be best wet because the crystal surface flakes off as you use it)
  • Money back guarantee
  • Not as abrasive as scrapers, graters or pumice stones

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diamond file callus removerBliss Diamancel Diamond Foot Callus Rasp No.20

Get fancy with your callus remover with the Bliss Diamancel Diamond Foot Callus Rasp.  It is thinly designed and has industrial strength diamond chips that work quickly and gently to eliminate calluses.  But, don’t let the sleek design fool you – reviewers say this rasp is strong and very durable.  They also find it to be a very effective callus remover and easy to clean.  The price is pretty high compared to other rasps, but repeat customers claim the Bliss Diamond Rasp lasts for years.

Price: $26.00



Features of the Bliss Diamancel Diamond Foot Callus Rasp No. 20

  • Industrial strength
  • Nickel-coated, flexible fiberglass file is electroplated with industrial-grade diamond chips
  • Works best with dry feet
  • Thin, lightweight; yet durable

Buy It Here


aquasentials callus removerAquasentials Pumice Stone (4 Pack)

If you are looking for a basic pumice stone without any frivolous promises, then Aquasentials is for you.  Their pumice stone is 4″ long, making it easy to grip and use.  It works best when paired with soap and water, and it has a convenient rope so you can hang it in the shower.  Reviewers said it does a great job of gently removing dead skin and calluses.  They also said this pumice stone lasts a long time and is a great value.

Price: $5.99 (4 pack)



Features of the Aquasentials Pumice Stone:

  • 4″ long exfoliating pumice stone
  • Rope attached for hanging in the shower
  • Less abrasive than rasps or sponges
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive

Buy It Here



Liquid Callus Remover: 


pro linc callus removerProLinc Callus Eliminator, 4 oz.

ProLinc Callus Eliminator is an acid that breaks down the calluses and dry skin on your feet so that you can remove them easier.  Reviewers say it works wonders and keeps their feet soft and smooth for weeks after a few uses.  Since it is an acid, make sure you follow the directions to avoid irritating your skin.  (It is recommended that you wear gloves while applying it and it can also make your feet quite slippery, so use with caution!  See this tutorial from the ProLinc site on how to use this product.)  Reviewers say you get the best results if you pair it with a rasp, such as the Microplane above.  If you are battling some really tough calluses, ProLinc Callus Eliminator is a good choice for you.

Price: $6.99 (for a 4 oz. bottle)


Features of ProLinc Callus Eliminator:

  • Acid breaks down calluses and dry skin for easier removal
  • Leaves feet smooth for weeks
  • Quick acting: breaks down dead skin and calluses in 3-5 minutes
  • Salon grade product: ProLinc claims to be the #1 Professional Choice

Buy It Here


Do you have a favorite callus remover?  Let me know in the comments!


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