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10 Best Flip Flops for Women: 2016

10 Best Flip Flops for Women: 2016

By: Natalie Tull


Making a list of the best flip flops for women is a bit of a daunting task. What makes a flip flop the “best”?  We all have different preferences, but I think that most of us true flip flop lovers won’t tolerate being uncomfortable, even in the name of fashion.  I researched customer reviews to find out what features the best flip flops should have.  

And, it turns out, to be considered “the best flip flops”, a pair needs to meet a lot of criteria.  We want them to have the right width and thickness in the footbed and sole.  We want straps that fit correctly and are made of pleasant feeling material.  We want the right level of arch support and a footbed we could stand on for hours.  We want flip flops that are well made and durable. We want flip flops that are water friendly.  And we want them to be stylish. 

Sadly, there is no one best pair of flip flops out there for all of us.  But, there is a best pair for each of us.  

So, ladies, in no particular order, I present:

The 10 Best Flip Flops for Women



Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip Flops

clark breeze sea best flip flops


These are currently the highest reviewed flip flops on Amazon! They are so popular, that I chose them as the first pair I have written a personal review about. (Check it out here.)

These are great flip flops for several reasons.  They have adjustable, leather straps that make for a perfect fit, no matter the width of your foot.   And the straps are wide so that they are comfortable and secure to your foot.  The thong of the Breeze Sea is made out of fabric and it fits nicely between the toes without causing irritation.  The outsole is made with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) with is flexible, but durable and provides traction.  The footbed and midsole are made of EVA – a synthetic and waterproof material that is great for shock absorption.  This cushioned footbed offers some support for your arch- but not too much for those who find arch support uncomfortable. These lightweight flip flops also provide hours of comfort whether you are walking or standing.  They have a cute floral design on the footbed and over 10 color options (including unique colors like teal, coral and mint.) 


 Features of Clarks’ Breeze Sea Flip Flops: 

  • EVA floral print footbed and midsole for support
  • Adjustable synthetic leather straps with hook and loop closure
  • Heel measures about 1″
  • Fabric thong
  • TPR outsole for traction and durability 
  • Lightweight (5 oz)
  • Over 10 color options

Reasons to Love Them: 

  • Adjustable straps make them great for wide or narrow feet
  • Slight arch support feels comfy on all types of arches
  • Best reviewed women’s flip flops on Amazon

Price Range:    $30.00- $50.00

How They Fit:  Sizes run a bit big. Ex. you wear a 9 1/2, order a 9 

Buy Them Here

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip Flops

sanuk yoga best flip flops

Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops are actually made out of recycled yoga mats, so there’s no question about how good the footbed feels on your feet.  Since they have a flat footbed, they are best for someone who has a neutral arch and doesn’t need arch support.  (If you don’t know what type of arch you have, this article will help you figure it out.) The yoga mat material helps the footbed form to your foot while still being resilient and lightweight.  They have medium width, synthetic straps with a printed lining and a webbed, fabric thong. The black footbed is available with 15 varieties of strap colors from blue to fuchsia to lime.  They are also vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

Note: These flip flops are not great with water because the yoga mat material soaks up water, making them slippery.   

Features of Sanuk’s Yoga Mat Flip Flops:

  • Recycled yoga mat footbed
  • Synthetic straps with printed lining
  • Webbed, fabric toe strap
  • Heels measure about 1″
  • Vegan friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Black footbed and sole with 15 strap color options

Reasons to Love Them:

  • Environmentally friendly since they are made out of recycled yoga mats
  • The yoga mat material is resilient so you won’t lose comfort as they conform to your feet
  • They have a thick footbed while remaining lightweight

Price Range:     $30.00-$35.00

How They Fit:  Sizes run about a size small. Ex: if you wear a 5, order a 6

Buy Them Here


OluKai Ohana Women’s Sandals
olukai ohana best flip flops

OluKai is a footwear company with deep “island roots” and their top reviewed Ohana flip flops reflect that.  The Ohana features water resistant, quick drying straps are paired with a non-slip footbed and siped sole.  Reviewers rave about how this flip flop has helped ease pain caused by conditions like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and chronic knee problems.  The arch support is so good, that people with low arches or flat feet may find them to be uncomfortable. They are also cute, with a sleek black footbed and over 15 strap color options including unique colors like pewter, pale lime and fig. (Bonus points:  They are also 100% vegan and donate part of their proceeds to the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association via their ‘Ohana Giveback Program.)

Features of OluKai Ohana Flip Flops:

  • Water resistant straps made of synthetic leather
  • Quick drying (lycra knit lining with neoprene backing – neoprene can withstand weathering and water, oil, grease and wax)
  • Soft, nylon toe post
  • Non-slip EVA footbed (foot doesn’t slip around on footbed when wet)
  • Non-mark rubber soles have OluKai’s “razor siping” design that diffuses water to help with traction around water
  • Vegan friendly
  • Black footbed with over 15 strap color options

Reasons to Love Them:

  • They are some of the “best waterproof flip flops” out there
  • Great arch support that can ease pain associated with arthritis, plantar fasciitis and chronic knee problems
  • They are 100% vegan with colorful synthetic leather straps

Price Range: $45.00-$110.00

How they fit: Sizes are as expected

Buy Them Here  

Reef Women’s Slap 3

reef slap best flip flops

If you like the idea of a water friendly footwear, you should also check out a pair of Reef flip flops.  Their sporty Slap 3 flip flops provide loads of anatomical arch support on a squishy, contoured footbed. Paired with soft jersey lined straps and a webbed toe post, these flip flops are made for hours and hours of wear.  Reviewers love the relief they get from hip, leg, foot, knee and joint pain caused by conditions like plantar fasciitis and rheumatoid arthritis.  The Slap 3 is also super lightweight, at only 5 oz.  They come in four color combinations and are also available in leather.

Note:  If you order from Reef, you should probably order a size up.  According to reviews, all of their newer flip flops appear to run a size small compared to their older models and other brands.

Features of Reef Slap 3 Flip Flops:

  • Panelled (layered) synthetic straps with jersey lining
  • Webbed cloth toe post
  • Contoured EVA footbed with anatomical support
  • Molded rubber outsole with grip for traction
  • 100% water friendly
  • Available in 4 color combos and leather

Reasons to Love Them: 

  • Tons of arch support that can alleviate chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis and other leg and foot problems
  • Lightweight (5 oz.)
  • Reef says they are “100% water friendly”

 Price Range: $29.00 – $50.00

How They Fit: They run small, so order a size up

Buy Them Here


Merrell Women’s Hollyleaf Toe Thong Sandal

merrell hollyleaf best flip flops


If you are want a unique looking flip flop with a lot of support and comfort, then you have to take a look at Merrell’s Hollyleaf flip flops.   Merrell uses what they call the “Q-form system”, designed specifically for the way a woman walks.  Their goal is to provide a woman with alignment, balance, comfort and support.  Their Hollyleaf is composed of memory foam, an air cushioned heel with shock absorption and a high arch. It also has a toe ring design as the toe post, providing stability and a fashion statement.  Reviewers found relief from heel pain, and several people recommended them for wear after surgery or injury to ease pain.  (I own a pair and love them.  They are durable, keep my foot in place, provide support, and I get lots of compliments on them.)  The Merrell Hollyleaf comes in 8 colors like mint, rose red, dark purple and black.  

Features of Merrell Hollyleaf Flip Flops:

  • Nubuck leather straps with rope accent
  • Toe ring toe post
  • Microfiber wrapped footbed treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution
  • High arch support
  • Q-form midsole with memory foam
  • Flexible rubber traction sole
  • Air cushioned heel for shock absorption
  • Available in 8 colors

Reasons to Love Them: 

  • Good fit – toe ring post keeps flip flops from sliding around
  • Q-form design helps with women’s alignment and balance
  • Cushioned heel provides shock absorption 

Price Range: $48.00 – $90.00

How They Fit: Sizes are as expected 

Buy Them Here


Rainbow Women’s Double Layer Classic Leather Sandal
rainbow best flip flops

Every pair of Rainbow Sandals is made of nubuck leather and created by hand.  Each layer of the footbed and sole are triple glued and the straps and toe post have an x stitch of bonded nylon thread.  All of this careful detailing makes for an extremely durable pair of flip flops.  Rainbow has a lot of loyal customers, and many reviewers have had the same pair for well over five years!  Their double layer classic sandal has an extra layer of midsole, providing excellent arch support that reviewers love.  The footbed is soft and conforming, providing lots of comfort.  Because of the nubuck, these flip flops take some time to break in, but reviewers say it is well worth the wait.   They come in a variety of colors including several shades of brown, pink and black and have a non-slip sole.

Note: Several people recommend wearing these flip flops wet for the first few times to help break them in quicker.

 Features of Rainbow Double Layer Classic Leather Sandal:

  • Nubuck leather top sole
  • Nubuck leather straps and toe post
  • All layers are triple glued
  • Toe post and straps have x stitching with bonded nylon thread
  • Added layer of midsole for double the arch support
  • Non-slip sole
  • High durability
  • Available in 18 colors

Reasons to Love Them: 

  • Very durable
  • Double layer of arch support
  • Hand crafted with nubuck leather

Price Range: $30.00 – $65.00

How They Fit:  Sizes run small, so order up.  A lot of reviewers also found them to be narrow.

Buy Them Here

Montrail Women’s Molokini Sandal

montrail molokini best flip flops


Montrail calls themselves “the original trail running brand” and they makes shoes that are great for activity and recovery.  The lightweight Molokini is equipped with an outsole with a reinforced grid that aids in traction and protecting your feet from the surface.  Its footbed is made with a thermo moldable foam that conforms to your unique bone structure, providing support and comfort.  (Montrail has “PRFRM” technology that allows you to heat the flip flops in the oven and then let the footbed mold to your foot.)  The water resistant straps are lined with a plush synthetic, keeping them from rubbing the tops of your feet.  Reviewers love how comfortable these flip flops are and many people have experienced relief from their plantar fasciitis while wearing them.  (I own a pair and find them to be one of the most comfortable, supportive flip flops I’ve owned.  I wear them while working around 9 hours and never feel any discomfort from them.)

Note: A few customers found that their Molokinis were too big after heating and molding them.  This doesn’t appear to be a common occurrence.  (I never molded mine and found them to be very supportive still.)

Features of the Montrail Molokini Sandal:

  • Synthetic straps with plush lining
  • Themo moldable foam footbed conforms to your unique own structure
  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Reinforced grid on outsole for traction and surface protection
  • Water resistant straps, quick drying

Reasons to Love Them:

  • PRFRM thermo moldable footbed
  • Designed for active wear and recovery
  • Thick sole with traction grid

Price Range: $28.00 – $60.00

How They Fit: Fit as expected (some found them to be too big after thermo molding)

Buy Them Here


Orthaheel Women’s Vionic Tide II
orthaheel vionic best flip flops

Vionic used to be owned Orthaheel, and they still make all of their footwear with “Orthaheel technology” . This technology was developed by podiatrists to help with over-pronation (problems associated with have a low arch.)  The Vionic Tide II has a deep cup in the heel that helps stabilize, support and realign your body. The deep cup paired with great arch support helps reduce problems associated with over-pronation such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain and lower back pain. It is designed with a comfortable EVA midsole, soft woven toe post and polyurethane and leather straps.  It also has TPR outsole with a wave pattern design that helps with traction.  Reviewers found the Vionic Tide II comfortable and supportive and often found relief from aches and pains.  They are available in basic colors as well as ones like fuchsia, turquoise, and pewter.

Features of the Orthaheel Vionic Tide II

  • Made with podiatrist designed Orthaheel technology
  • Deep heel cup stabilizes, supports and realigns
  • Reduced pain from over pronation
  • EVA midsole
  • TPR outsole with wave pattern tread for tractin
  • Soft woven toe post
  • Polyurethane and leather straps
  • Available in 16 colors

Reasons to Love Them:

  • Podiatrist designed footbed to aid in problems due to over pronation
  • Deep heel cup stabilizes, supports and realigns body
  • TPR outsole to aid in traction

Price Range: $35.00 – $180.00

How They Fit: Fit as expected, though the manufacturer recommends ordering down if you are a half size

Buy Them Here

Okabashi Maui Flip Flops

okabashi maui best flip flops


Okabashi makes shoes with the environment and comfort in mind.  Each pair is made with an average of 20% recycled materials and they are recyclable once you are no longer wearing them.  They boast a zero waste manufacturing process and are 100% vegan friendly.  Okabashi’s Maui flip flops are made of rubber and are antimicrobial and anti odor.  They are waterproof and dishwasher friendly – ranking them among the best waterproof flip flops out there.  A non-slip, ergonomically contoured insole provides arch support.   According to many reviewers, the Maui flip flops are supportive, comfortable, and durable.  As the least expensive pair of flip flops on this list, they are a great value and available in 14 colors.

Features of Okabashi Maui Flip Flops

  • Made with an average of 20% recycled materials (rubber)
  • Recyclable via manufacturer 
  • Antimicrobial and anti odor
  • Non slip footbed
  • Waterproof and dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomically contoured insole provides arch support
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Available in 14 colors

Reasons to Love Them:

  • Made with recycled materials and recyclable
  • Waterproof (antimicrobial and anti odor – dishwasher safe)
  • Great value

Price Range: $15.00 – $27.00

How They Fit: Fit as expected

Buy Them Here


OOFOS OOriginal Thong Sandal – Unisex

OOfos designs recovery flip flops using their patented Oofoam.  Oofoam is a closed cell foam, meaning it is waterproof and keeps bacteria from penetrating the footbed.  It is really flexible and lightweight.  It also reportedly absorbs 37% more shock than footbeds made of EVA, easing pains from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, and knee/back pain.  Their Ooriginal flip flops are unisex, available in men’s sizes 5-11 (US) and women’s 7-13 (US).  They have a ton of support, and the Oofoam forms to your foot, providing lots of comfort.  Reviewers agree that these are great for recovery after sports or long hours on your feet.  They also found that they helped with aches and pains.  They are machine washable and come in a variety of colors. 

Features of the Oofos Ooriginal Unisex Flip Flops

  • Recovery flip flop made of Oofoam (closed cell foam)
  • 37% more impact absorption than EVA footbeds
  • Waterproof (machine washable, quick drying)
  • Antibacterial
  • Flexible, forming footbed
  • Lightweight
  • Arch support
  • Unisex sizing: Women 5-11 (US)
  • Available in 15 colors

Reasons to Love Them: 

  • 37% more shock absorption than EVA footbeds (according to Oofo’s website)
  • Closed cell foam is waterproof and blocks out bacteria
  • Designed for recovery, aiding in pain relief

Price Range: $25 – $100

How They Fit: Fit as expected

Buy Them Here

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