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Thanks for checking out TipTopFlipFlops! I’m Natalie Tull, a woman who hates to wear shoes but loves a nice pair of flip flops.  I started this website for other flip flop enthusiasts who are looking for information on the best and brightest of the open toed world.  This site can be used to compare reviews and prices on different kinds of flip flops and links are provided if you choose to purchase a pair.  You can search for flip flop accessories and flip flop themed products if your heart desires.  I also provide tips and tricks about how to maintain a great pair of flip flops.

I read reviews and compare features of flip flops and other related items so that you don’t have to!


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The obsession started young


I grew up in Dayton, Ohio, with my parents and younger sister.  I moved to Madison, Wisconsin in September of 2012. I enjoy playing the violin and guitar, riding my bike, taking hikes with friends, watching stand up comedy, eating french fries, and playing with my dogs.


All while wearing flip flops.


I hope that you find some useful information and maybe even something unexpected while visiting today!


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